Roof Restorations Bayswater

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Best Roof Restorations Bayswater

Protecting your residential investment is a fundamental part of owning a home. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, so too are buildings constructed and subsequently decay over a number of a years. Thus, roof restorations are a vital ongoing part of property management and are one of the most necessary, high-cost residential tasks.

We are a reliable and value-for-money brand that can seal your roof in against the elements for years to come. Further, we follow industry best practice for a competitive price, and we make sure we do the job properly.

An understanding of how we apply an industry standard, robust roof restoration process can inform you of the best treatments for your roof.

Roof Restoration Bayswater

Roof Restoration Bayswater

What is a roof restoration?

Roof restoration is the process of cleaning, re-painting, and re-coating your roof.

The process. NB: In most situations, we follow a three-coat roof restoration process. Sometimes, it may also require a fourth filler coat for old and weathered rooves.

We start by replacing the broken tiles. Then, we strip away the old coating and roof grime as much as possible using a roof pressure cleaner. Moreover, we then seal the gaps and edges by hand to handle extreme weather conditions.

After we establish this groundwork, we apply two coloured membrane coatings with UV stabilisers and anti-mould components. Australia has some of the highest UV ratings in the world. This becomes especially during summer, as we apply best elasto-merit coatings. These two coats are designed to sink deep into the tiles is applied to the entire roof.

Additionally, we then apply a final top coat to seal to finish this process. Further, we carry out a final inspection to ensure that we have sealed the roof properly and that you are happy with the outcome.

Further, this process seals your roof in against the elements and patches weak spots that could cause leakage later on.

Roof Restoration Bayswater

Roof Restoration Bayswater

Most failed restoration jobs are due to rush cleaning or less blanket seal application on the roof. A proper roof restoration process will seal your roof in for years to come.

Our company follows this rigid process to ensure that your roof gets the best treatment.

How long does roof restorations Bayswater take?

Every roof is different depending on age, and underlying materials. You should expect your roof restoration to take between 3-4 days, weather permitting.

Moreover, we take every effort to ensure no unnecessary delays hamper the delivery of your roof restoration.

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